Take Advantage of the Great Weather and Hold Off Till Spring

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Welcome to Essential Bootcamp

This is the ninth year and running of our classes. We have many different offerings as far as class type and time so browse our site and email us with questions.

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Meeting Now in 2014
Every Saturday at 10:30
7 pm Weeknights
Try our New Fit Club X-Training and
Plyo Bootcamp

Year By Year

We brought our wonder daughter Isabella Cowell into the world in 2013 so our blog posts are few. Check for more recent info and even further back for the best feel of our sessions.


Find a 100 ft / 50 m runway or stretch of road.  There laps of each: High Knees Butt Kicks Bunny Hops Walking Lunges 50 to 100 Push-ups for Time (<-...
Awesome Job Today! We learned quickly that being in shape and feeling fast while running up hill may not go hand in hand. Kaitrin and Vic led the charge...
The Summer is “Outside” time and we have been coaching awesome groups of people with Sports Conditioning and Boot Camps for more than seven...
Warm-up jog high knees butt kicks lateral shuffles carioca jump squats Squat/Plyo Circuit 25 squats 25 jump squats 50 alternating lunges 25 jump...
Do this group of exercises as fast as you can timed: 40 squats (knees to 90 degrees) 40 alternating lunges (back knee almost to floor) 20 plyometric lunges 10...

Our bodies are made in the Winter, cultivated in the Spring and enjoyed in the Summer.

Billy Cowell