Spring 2014 Is In Full Swing

Awesome Job Today!
Central Park Workout

We learned quickly that being in shape and feeling fast while running up hill may not go hand in hand. Kaitrin and Vic led the charge today setting the pace and not letting down. Huge accomplishment for Kaitrin burning over 700 calories today!

The Workout:

  1. Jumping Jacks to Push-ups, 10 sets of 10
  2. Three Circuits Going North of:
    1. One Lamp Post Walking Lunges to
    2. One Lamp Post Bunny Hops to
    3. Two Lamps Posts Jog
  3. Three Times 40-30-20
    1. Hill Jog Down to Sprint Up
    2. MNT Climbers
    3. Tuck Jump
  4. Tabata (8x 20 sec) – Burpee to Plyo Lunges