Class Variations

This Boot Camp Movement started with a small group downtown, nine summers ago. It consisted of people who just were not being pushed enough with the ordinary means available to the urban professional.

These workouts are:

  1. Intense
  2. Diverse
  3. Extremely Functional
  4. Always a full body blast and designed to teach you what it is like to work at the highest level your body will allow.
  5. From the intermediate to the seasoned athlete, you will be able to perform at your peak level.
  6. Each session is designed to accommodate a vast variety of skill and ability levels so you should be able to jump right in.
10:30am SAT
Our Essential BootCamp (1) is designed for anyone willing to improve their body and has the eagerness to do it in Central Park. This is what it is all about! NINE years and running, the Essential Boot Camp has been tested over and over as The Most Effective Workout You Will Find in Central Park this Summer.

Jaime Central Park Bench Press

Our weekday offerings diversify exercise to keep motivation high and the variables controlling your challenge continually changing. Our Fit Club X-Training (2) will reduce running and jumping exercise in exchange for superbands, calisthenics, kettle bells, and timed circuits to blast the entire body! We will make up the running and jumping in our Plyo Bootcamp (3) where anything goes. Expect to go harder, faster and with more power than ever when you attend these sessions.

Combine our weekday workouts to advance your body to its next stage of development. Don’t quite know what your next stage is? Well join us for SIX WEEKS to find out.