Saturday in Central Park

Saturday Sessions are in Full Swing!!!
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Group Situps in Central Park

Get Pumped! with some awesome changes to your workout routine!

  • relays
  • calisthenics
  • circuits
  • endurance challenges
  • conditioning tests

What do you need to know?

  1. Our Sports Conditionings Sessions (Boot Camp) are offered 10:30am on Saturdays.
  2. It is fun to workout in the rain so ALWAYS Rain or Shine!
  3. The sessions are pay what you can, with a suggested amount of $25. Bring a friend, a water bottle and potentially a towel. We will be enjoying as much of the park as possible so travel lite with things you can easily move around with.
  4. Newcomers
    • We Offer a “Welcome to Our Class” Special where you get two sessions for $25. Purchase this through PayPal.
    • Sign Up for the Mailing List and Your First Email will provide you with incentives that will make it so easy to come out and join us.
  5. Meeting Place
    The Entrance to Central Park Between 85th and 86th (small walking entrance to the park) on 5th Avenue. We will then proceed to an area behind the museum (our 2nd meeting place).

Come out and push yourself. Do it every week and you will get better and better.

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